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Automated gates and barrier gates allow for the privacy and security of your facility


Need a gate operator for an airport or other high security installation? Looking for a professionally installed automated gate for a residential home?

Call Premier Fence at 800-288-1184!


Our experience includes vertical lift gates, barrier gates, crash gates, slide gates, barrier arms with card readers, ornamental slide gates and more!


Video: Vertical Lift Gate with Stop Lights

When security is your priority, the need for automated gates and gate operators emerges. High security areas like airports, bus depots, and federal buildings can rely on our commercial grade gate operators and access portals to allow and deny access based on a programmed credentials. Many automated gates for residential communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and throughout New England require pin numbers or keycards to gain access. Some businesses and public services streamline their operations by installing components in authorized vehicles that can gain access to gates hands-free. We provide industry leading installation of top quality components to ensure admittance to your facility is controlled.


At premier fence we provide experienced installers to provide gate operator and automated gate installations and service. Call us at (781) 821-5900, email us at, or leave a message below to get started.


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