Choose a strong, classic look with ornamental when security and beauty are important.


Outstanding Strength, Classic Beauty

Excellent for security + easy to maintain

Ornamental fences deliver luxury, security, and longevity to your New England backyard. Iron and aluminum ornamental fences are available with classic features like finials (or decorative tops) as well as curlicues (also known as scroll work and usually include a spiral pattern). These fences are the premier enclosure option for both style and function. Iron and aluminum ornamental fences withstand the regions diverse weather in addition to providing elegance to the property.  Custom features like gates, extended panel width, and even unique design elements like animals or sports can included by  our team of professionals.


The range of style and function of ornamental fences is only limited to your imagination. Browse your options with our team of specialists today by calling us at (781) 821-5900, email us at, or leave a message below to get started!

Teddy Ebersol’s Red Sox Fields Bosto
Ornamental Aluminum
Ornamental Aluminum
Surfside Ornamental Fence
Ornamental Aluminum
Ornamental Fence
Ornamental Fence
Ornamental Fence with Gate
Ornamental Fence
Ornamental Fence
Ornamental Steel


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